SPSS Data Set – Fast Food (Chapter 10)

If you need an additional data set for Chapter 10 for a student assignment, group task, or testing, here is a SPSS data set. The exercise involves obtaining descriptive data and graphing the results.  The survey topic is social media. The survey is also provided.

Fast Food SPSS Data
Fast Food Survey

Suggested Activities:

  1. Obtain means for Questions 1 to 10. Create two bar graphs putting half of the items in each graph.
  2. For Questions 11 to 15, run a frequency count. Then create a new variable with 4 or 5 categories for each of the questions. Create appropriate graphs for each question.
  3. Obtain means for Questions 16 to 18. Create the appropriate graph.
  4. Obtain means for Questions 19 to 23. Create the appropriate graph.
  5. Run a frequency count for Question 24 then create a new variable with 5 categories. Create a graph of the results.
  6. Obtain means for Questions 26 to 30. Create the appropriate graph.
  7. Obtain a frequency count of the percentage of individuals who checked each of the items in Questions 31 to 36. Graph the percent who checked each item.

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