Cronbach Alpha – Jeans Data (Chapter 10)

If you need an additional data set for Chapter 10 that deals with Cronbach alpha reliability, this data set can be used.It was created by a college student and examines the purchase of jeans. The survey is also provided.

Jean SPSS Data
Jeans Survey

Suggested Activities: (Assume for the sake of this assignment that the items in Question 10 are part of an importance scale.)

  1. Run a Cronbach alpha reliability test in SPSS of the items in Question 10. Be sure to request the score if each item is deleted.
  2. What is the Cronbach alpha score for the five-item scale?
  3. Can the Cronbach alpha score be improved by dropping one of the items? If so, which item should be dropped and what will be the new Cronbach alpha score? Why do you believe this particular item had a poor correlation with the other items?

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