Jeans Survey (Chapter 9)

If you need an additional survey instrument for a student assignment, group project, in-class discussion, or testing, here is one about the purchasing of jeans. It can be used to discuss measurement methods presented in Chapter 9

Jeans Survey

Suggested Activities:

  1. Create a table with four columns using these headings: Question, Type of Scale, Descriptive Measure, and Difference Tests. For rows, use the question numbers from Question 1 through Question 13. For each question, identify the type of scale, the appropriate descriptive measure and the appropriate difference tests.
  2. For each question, can a higher order scale be used? Why or why not?
  3. Write Question 4 as a ratio scale. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a ratio scale for this question?
  4. Write Question 5 as an ordinal scale. Would this be better than what is currently used in the survey? Why or why not?

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